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About us

Different Choice FBC Inc.
Specializes in providing traders with high quality online trading services. Our priority is to provide the best financial products and services to clients around the globe. DCFXBROKER introduce to you a variety of investment choices studied carefully to provide you with the best assistance to guide your investment in the largest markets and most diverse in the world. Regardless of how you want to invest and trade the financial markets – DCFXBROKER can provide you with the tools, resources and services you desire.

Product offered by DCFXBROKER
We are offering online trading services for more than 41 different financial products like Commodities, Forex. In one platform you can trade.

Metals:            Gold & Silver
Currencies:     Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen & over 41 crosses

Whenever we invest our money in any business, always few questions arrives in our mind.

Security of Investment:
This account is known as Trading Account, means you can use this account only for online trading. You will be the only one person who can withdraw from this account. Your investment will be unblocked; you can withdraw your amount any time only in your personal account. So money can transfer only your account to your account.

If you deposit your money in any bank, bank will give u maximum 3% to 5% annually but if you invest your money in this business you can get 40% to 60% annually with minimum risk. This profit can also vary but depending on your investment amount, market conditions and your level of risk.

Two Way Market:
This is two ways business that means if market is going up or down we can earn profit from both side. For example if the price of gold is going high, we will buy it from low price and sell it at high price and take profit but on the other hand if the price of gold is down, we can sell it in advance at high price and later we will buy back from low price to close our advance deal. So again difference will be our profit. So in any case we can make money from this business.

Minimum Investment Size:
There is no minimum investment criteria. It depends on what you want to trade and how much you want to trade. You can trade with any amount.

Documents required opening an account:

  • Identity proof (Passport copy)
  • Residential proof (Bank statement) latest

After account opening you can transfer your funds from your personal account to this trading account. Then you will get Account Number, User Id, User Name and Password for your online trading account. From that account with the help of our online platform you can buy and sell 24 hours. On daily basis our experts will recommend you buying and selling levels for Metals, Energies, Currencies and Stocks.

Benefits & Services facilitated by DCFXBROKER

  • Daily Technical Report
  • Daily Account Statement
  • Interest Free Account
  • Any Time withdrawal facility
  • 24 Hours Online Trading Platform
  • 24 hours Back Office Facility
  • Broker Facility
  • Technical Support
  • Margin control
  • Competitive Spread
  • No Re-Quoting
  • No price Manipulation
  • Very Fast Execution
  • Very Less Commission

Free Training Available
I request you for a few minutes from your valuable time to give you a brief idea of how our company can help explore the investment opportunities in the global financial markets which can give you amazing returns on your investments. I may visit you and will discuss everything in details. You can also visit our office for more details at any time as per your convenience or reply to this email with contact information, date, time and location and our financial consultant will visit you.

For further assistance and queries please feel free to contact me at below numbers.